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Sass Wear was started by two friends who share a love for dance from their daughters enabling them to bring the local dance community together.

As the first dance boutique in the Whitsundays region, our goal is to provide quality dance wear and accessories to all the dancers in the region who have a passion for dance. We provide premium quality dance essentials and must-haves for general daily dance classes or dance performers that compete on a professional level.

We also now have a range of men and women active wear for the mum's and dad's or active people that want workout in quality and comfortable workout gear.

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Dance Fashion

Premium Dance Fashion

We specialise in providing premium clothing pieces that allow dancers to move with confidence and express themselves freely in rehearsals and on stage.

Our catalogue features dance pants, singlets, wraps, shorts, costumes and a wide range of dance apparel in various colours and styles.

We also offer quality dance shoes for any genre.
Dance Costumes

Dance Costumes and Accessories

Bring your performance to life with vibrant costumes and accessories. Regardless of whether you’re looking for hip-hop costumes or elaborate ballet dresses, we’ve got you covered.

Here, you can also find large functional dance bags for your dance essentials, unique hair accessories to spice up your costume or keep the hair away from your face, and even toe tapes and bunion busters to assist the fit and function of your dance shoes.
Top-Quality Programs

Workshops and Programs

As well as providing a range of top-quality clothing, Sass Wear also offers workshops, holiday programs and dance competitions. As well as providing an opportunity to showcase their talent, our events also allow young performers to interact with other like-minded dancers and learn important skills and share valuable experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the only dance shop in the Whitsunday region, Sass Wear strives to provide everything you may need for rehearsals and a flawless dance performance. We are happy to assist you with any dance-related need.

We have included some Frequently Asked Questions on this page, to help you get quick answers to any queries you may have. If you have any other questions, that have not been addressed here, please feel free to give us a call.
How do I choose the right dance clothes for my performance?
The right attire largely depends on the dance type. Lyrical or modern dance usually calls for an outfit that includes a form-fitting top and tight pants or leotard and tights. Meanwhile, hip hop dancers may prefer to wear baggy and loose-fitting clothes.

The important thing is that your choice of clothing should suit the dance type and venue, while giving you the freedom to move on stage.
What is the best fabric for dance wear?
What’s the proper way to care for my costume?
What is the difference between dance shoes and regular shoes?
What’s the best type of dance shoes for my performance?